My standard wedding package for 2023 /2024 costs £2500 

It includes:

- A pre-wedding consultation and pre-wedding shoot. I call this the training shoot and I refuse to shoot a wedding without one. Everyone feels a bit weird about having their photo taken so this is a great chance for us to hang out, get to know each other and get over the nerves. It also saves so much time on the day, so we can spend 15 minutes taking some sick couple pics and then you can get back to the party and I can get back to photographing the action.

- Full coverage of the day, from getting ready to late into the dancing! Telling the whole story of the day is really important to me, and if that means staying til midnight to walk backwards down a tunnel of tipsy people armed with sparkers to get that special exit shot, I'll be there.

-A beautiful online collection of 500+ Hi-res photos for you to download and share as you wish!

-Travel within England, for weddings abroad please contact me

If you've landed here you've probably already made a connection with your wedding plans, you as a couple and my style of photography, so get in touch and tell me about your plans!

Weddings are not about the photos.

When a wedding becomes about the photos, we're doing it wrong. I capture the action as it happens...

.... creating photos of moments not creating moments for photos......